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Volcanic Stone and Lava Stone Tiles for Patios and Garden Paths

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Cantera Volcanic LLC makes hardscaping volcanic rock and lava tiles designed for outdoor patios and garden paths. Our talented staff will help you design a unique patio or garden pathway using our quality tiles that are designed for safety and durability outdoors. The tiles come in square, rectangular, or custom made for your home or business. A new patio floor or garden pathway using our stones can create an attractive, unique design to entertain and enjoy the outdoors with your family, friends, and business associates.

Volcanic and Lava Stone Tiles For Patios

Our patio tiles come in many different colors. They do not fade and have a non-slip surface for safety for your family and guests. Your outdoor patio design will benefit from the high quality of our products and custom designs. We can design patios for homes and commercial businesses.

The tiles come in many colors: gray, white, rose, red, brown, lime salmon, and other colors and never fade due to weather. We can create a backyard patio for you with a simple grid pattern where you can sit or entertain for picnics and cookouts. Our staff can put spaces between the tiles for garden areas or patios when you want to show some attractive groundcover or grass. Lawns and stepping stones or tiles make an attractive Mediterranean look.

One of our most popular tiles is the gray lava stone that is slip resistant and chip resistant. These large or medium sized tiles can make small spaces into an attractive patio design. Square tiles with assorted colors can create an attractive square patio for eating outside and cooking. Our stone pavers can be used to design a small rustic patio used for smaller gatherings near a garden or scenic part of the yard. We can design the right patio for you with our volcanic and lava stone tiles that will meet your space and needs.

Using Our Stones For Garden Areas

Our tiles will create a decorative garden pathway. The pathway can lead to the garden and create an area to sit and enjoy nature. Garden paths or stone paths might direct a path to your patio and the gardens in your yard or business. Gardens can be surrounded by square stone pathways that allow you to walk and care for your garden easily. We can create unique garden pathways with steps and walls along the winding or linear paths.

Our tiles can be placed in small and large gardens to create unique patterned paths to walk on, and an area to sit with others to enjoy nature at a table or on a bench. Terraced stone steps go well in a large garden and area and tiles create a polished and slick look. Tile stones can be surrounded by crushed stone, grass, or plants, creating an interesting texture to the design.

Contact us to learn about our patio designs and garden paths using decorative volcanic and lava stone tiles to create a stunning outdoor space for your home or business. Call us today.

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