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Finish Your Pool Project with the Addition of Our Square Pool Edges and Pool Deck Tiles

Cantera Volcanic offers stone pool edges and pool coping drop-faces for freeform/kidney-shaped and rectangular swimming pools—furthermore, pool deck tiles with the same stone material as the pool edge.
We customize orders to meet job deadlines across Florida State, The Caribbean, and the continental United States.


Are you looking for high-quality pool coping and deck tiles for your outdoor pool? Look no further than Cantera Volcanic LLC! We have helped numerous customers find the perfect pool coping stones for their needs. Our outdoor stone tiles and pool edges are ideal for residential, community, and commercial purposes.


At Cantera Volcanic LLC, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer service. We highly recommend consulting with one of our experts if you need guidance on outdoor stone tiles and pool coping. They can help you choose the ideal square pool coping based on your unique requirements and personal preferences.


Pool coping tiles are placed around an outdoor pool boundary to separate it from the surrounding deck space. Though you may not consider these as being all that important in the grand scheme of your backyard design, it is an element you must consider. Choosing the wrong type of pool coping and not maintaining it can lead to severe issues as it can potentially wear out, break, and cause accidents. See how a specialist from Cantera Volcanic can help you make this a more straightforward process.


Do you want only materials with a natural texture used around your pool? Fortunately, that is the case with the products that we sell. We have drop-face pool coping, freeform pool/spa copings, custom-designed coping, curved coping tiles, and other varieties of coping stones. They are non-slip and keep you and your family and friends from slipping. You will be able to prevent accidents from occurring so that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves while swimming and as they lounge around the pool. We highly value our customers and want you to live your absolute best lives without concern about the quality of what you spend your hard-earned money on, like your outdoor living space.


When you call in to speak to an agent at Cantera Volcanic, ask about custom designs. Even if you have an oddly shaped pool, walkway, or something unusual, we can work with it. Our pool edge stones are available in different sizes and thicknesses, depending on your needs. Contact us to start the process, and you will be pleased with the results. You will not even have to go out of your way and deal with the frustration of shopping around for different outdoor tiles (pool deck tiles) and coping solutions. We have a broad selection from which you can choose for all your exterior projects, whether it is in a commercial setting, non-profit space such as a school or community pool, or right at home.

The modern pool coping drop-face is a solid piece of stone with a custom-made square drop edge.

We also provide stone pool corners, inside pool corners, outside pool corners, pool stone steps, stone spa caps, two-sided pool coping drop-face, three-sided end caps drop-face, bullnose pool coping, remodel square pool coping, tile pool coping, large pool copings, custom-made pool edges and more.

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