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Lava Stone/Basalt & Gray Volcanic Stone Tiles

Choose a Durable and Attractive Outdoor Floor Stone Tile for Your Needs Today

Introducing our premium line of Certified Slip-Resistant Outdoor Tiles & Pavers, meticulously crafted from natural lava and volcanic stone. These tiles, designed with your safety in mind, are perfect for rainy climates and areas with constant water exposure, providing a sense of security with unparalleled safety and durability.


Here at Cantera Volcanic LLC, we have worked hard over several years to become a leader in Miami, Florida, for outdoor stone floor tile solutions. Our business has served as a direct factory supplier of various stone products, including volcanic stone and lava stone tiles. You don’t have to worry about the quality of these outdoor floor stone tiles - you can rely on our team to help you select the ideal product to suit your needs, whether it’s for your patio, pool, roof deck, urban sidewalks, driveways, home walkways, or some other type of space. We’d love to make your dreams a reality with attractive outdoor gray stone tiles that will last for a long time.


You are in luck when you shop from Cantera Volcanic for outdoor floor stone tiles. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss your plans and help you find what you need. We will give you the information to decide, including the benefits of each outdoor patio stone tile we have. If you are in search of something for the exterior of your home, either for your outdoor living space or a pool where you plan to entertain a bunch of guests, we have it covered. If you need something for more public areas, such as high-traffic pedestrian walkways outside your store or another place of business, consider some of the outdoor gray lava stone tiles we offer. They are attractive, durable, and never fade. We have many non-slip stone material options with different natural textures and a high Coefficient of Friction that allows for easy movement over them while keeping people from having accidents as they walk across the stone.


Experience the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication with our slip-resistant natural lava and volcanic stone outdoor tiles. Whether you are a homeowner, architect, or builder, these tiles are the ultimate choice for durability, safety, and style. They offer a versatile solution that instills confidence in their suitability for any outdoor space.

For maintenance, sweep and wash with mild detergent and water; lava stone tiles are also compatible with high-pressure cleaning. 


Contact Cantera Volcanic with any questions or concerns. Our staff is ready and able to assist you.

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