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Durable and Attractive Pool Stone Decking May Be Right for You

We fabricate custom stone pool edges for both free-form and standard swimming pools. Our pool coping and deck tiles are long-lasting, fade-resistant, non-slip, and heat-resistant.


Traditional pool-building materials are prone to several problems. Concrete and plaster are the most common materials used in pool construction. While these materials are durable and last for some time, they eventually break down and must be repaired. Pools are a significant investment, so using high-quality materials that last years and require minimal maintenance is important. Volcanic stone tiles are practical, attractive, and highly durable. Considering this material when renovating or constructing a new outdoor pool makes good sense.


Cantera Volcanic provides a wide selection of stone building materials for pool construction. Our certified slip-resistant stone tiles, pool deck remodeling tiles, and pool deck pavers are designed to meet the demands of high-traffic recreational activities around the pool. Unfortunately, common pool construction materials like concrete, plaster, vinyl, and other aggregates do not possess the durability that volcanic stone tiles do over time. This is particularly true in high-traffic outdoor areas such as pools.

Lava and volcanic stones are excellent for creating pool products and tiles. They have a high Coefficient of Friction and come in beautiful, fade-resistant colors. The texture of the stone creates an anti-slip surface perfect for wet areas like a pool. Volcanic stone is extremely durable and ideal for outdoor and indoor pool coatings. Additionally, it has fantastic heat-resistant capabilities that help maintain a comfortable temperature on your pool deck.


Volcanic stone lasts for a very long time. Ancient civilizations have used this material for centuries to erect buildings and monuments that are extremely tough. Many structures crafted with this material are still standing today, so it is easy to see why this is an attractive option for pool deck pavers.


At Cantera Volcanic LLC, we have worked with contractors, builders, architects, and homeowners for years to provide the highest quality volcanic stone and lava stone building materials, including custom-made pool coping for irregular swimming pools. Your satisfaction is important; we work hard to provide excellent customer service. Call or email us with your questions and requests to start the process immediately. 

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