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Long-Lasting Paving Tile Made from Volcanic Stone and Lava Stone

Lava stone, Bluestone, Lava rock, and Volcanic stone is the right commercial and residential paving choice. Their natural non-slip surfaces, durability, and fade-resistant colors are a great option in the stone market. Its high value of friction coefficient will provide a safe walking and playing surface for exterior applications.

Volcanic stone has been used for centuries by ancient cultures to build monuments, roads, and a variety of construction since this material is incredibly strong, aesthetically appealing, and requires a low amount of maintenance.

Besides offering a durable and functional stone paving material, Cantera Volcanic has solutions for all your outdoor areas and around patios and pools. We specialize in high-quality outdoor volcanic stone products for all your hardscaping needs, driveways, commercial pool deck, hotel & resort pool decks, pedestrian crossings, entrances, and urban walkways.
Cantera Volcanic supplies paving stone outdoor tiles and thin-pavers to apply over concrete. Stone tiles for driveways, stone tiles for outdoor high traffic commercial flooring application, stone decking tiles, pool deck pavers, step stones, non-slip tiles for commercial splash pads, and pool copings.

VOLCANIC STONE TILES & PAVERS   High Coefficient of Friction Pedestrian slip-resistant Stone colors >

LAVA STONE  TILES & PAVERS    High Coefficient of Friction Pedestrian slip-resistant Gray lava stone >

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