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Car Parkin Stone Tiles
Lava Stone/Basalt & Volcanic Stone - Tiles & Pavers

Using Attractive Lava Tiles Over a Concrete Car Parking is a Plus

Many people opt for standard concrete when constructing car parking areas, whether it be for their residential or commercial properties. This is because concrete provides a strong and durable foundation, making it practical. However, while it may be a practical choice, it may need to be more visually appealing due to its plain grey-and-white appearance. Additionally, if not laid correctly or in thin layers, it can break down over time, leading to the need for maintenance and repairs.

Lava stone tiles and pavers are great options for those seeking low-maintenance and durable driveway materials. These stones resist chipping and scratching and do not fade out over time. They are also ideal for high pedestrian traffic areas.

By installing lava tiles over concrete or using lava stone pavers on compacted sand, you can improve the durability and appeal of your property. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, lava stone tiles and pavers require less maintenance and offer other advantages. For instance, volcanic stone tiles have a high COF (Coefficient of Friction), making the surface less slippery than other products.


Cantera Volcanic LLC distributes premium lava stone outdoor tiles designed for car parking. We provide a wide range of lava stone tiles and pavers in various sizes and thicknesses, which can be customized per your specific requirements for residential, valet, garage, or any other type of driveway. Our lava stone tiles are of the highest quality and ideal for enhancing your car parking area's aesthetic appeal.

Over the years, we have served homeowners and businesses, providing them with the best products. Our stone products come from regions renowned for their superior quality and durability. Apart from lava stones, we also offer various colors of volcanic stone tiles, pavers, and other stone products that cater to your preferences and requirements.

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