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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Lava Stone Tiles for Pool Decks, Patios, and Driveways.

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and you love spending time in it. It’s no wonder you want to keep it looking great. However, reaching that goal can be difficult with the number of decorative options available


Let us help you cut through some of the noise. When it comes to freshening up outdoor space, lava stone tiles are one of the best choices. The following are four top reasons why.


Lava stone is tough and durable, and it is resistant to cracking and chipping. This makes it a great option for outdoor usage as it can withstand the weight of vehicles. It will also not be as easily damaged if a baseball bat, pool chair, or other outdoor equipment gets dropped on it. You do not have to worry about replacing lava stone tiles as often as with other options, so your investment pays off for longer.

Unique Pattern

Lava stone is created as lava cools, making really unique patterns and surface characteristics. This means that no two stones look exactly alike. You can have an aesthetically pleasing look that no one else has.

This does not, however, mean that they can only be put together in a haphazard-looking design. Lava stones can be placed side by side with similar markings to create a beautiful yet unique flow. It can improve the look of your outdoor space and give you something to be proud of.

Cool and Fade Resistant

Thanks to its porous nature, lava stone dissipates heat well. This makes it an excellent option for pool decks and patios as there is a much less likely chance of burning your feet when walking barefoot.

Additionally, the surface is very hard and can stand up to UV exposure. Thanks to this, lava stone is incredibly fade-resistant, meaning that your lava stone tiles will stay looking beautiful for years to come.

Non-Slip Surface

Another great benefit of lava stone tiles is they provide a natural, non-slip surface. The textured and porous makeup of the stones make them great for wet climates. They are also great for pools as the water splashed out does not pose a slip risk.

It’s important to note that playing around pools always involves some level of risk and caution, but lava stone tiles make it a bit easier. You, your kids, and your guests can enjoy a fun day of jumping and diving without being overly concerned about slip and fall accidents due to a slippery surface.

Ready to find out how lava stone tiles can transform your space? We’re here to help. Contact Cantera Volcanic LLC today to learn more.

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