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Safety and Style: Choosing The Right Pool Coping

Pool coping and step treads are some of the last elements added to a swimming pool installation, but some of the most important. Not only should they look great, but they play a key part in the durability and safety of your pool. While we here at Cantera Volcanic are happy to step in and offer our services installing pool coping, you should have all the information available to you regardless of what company you work with.

Every time someone gets out of the pool, they’re putting their weight on the coping or step treads, so they have to hold up over time. They also prevent water damage to the overall integrity of your pool by letting the water flow down into the drain decks. It takes a durable material to serve as swimming pool coping.

One of the most popular types of coping material is concrete, which is certainly very economical and widespread. However, there are some disadvantages. Concrete coping is easy to bleach and stain, and also will crack sooner or later, especially if not properly sealed.

The major alternative is natural stone coping, which can be created from a number of strong and water-resistant minerals. No matter which kind you pick, it’s incredibly versatile, and can be cut into different shapes and colors easily. Many types of natural stone used for this purpose are also cool underfoot in the hot sun, and drain water quickly.

Our natural stone of choice, is of course volcanic stone. The deep colors are resistant to both fading and hold up in wet and dry climates alike. The natural texture is an anti-slip surface, and overall, these stones need a lot less maintenance than alternatives. This square pool coping can be built into traditional or customized patterns, depending on what your preference is.

With something as frequently seen and tread upon as swimming pool coping and step treads, you don’t want to take risks or cheap out. Instead, rely on the experience of a company like Cantera Volcanic. Let us know if you have any questions about the variety of pool coping available to you.

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