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How Cantera Volcanic LLC Has Established A Reputation For Excellence

Cantera Volcanic LLC works with multiple architects and designers to create innovative volcanic stone products. They offer their customers quality products that are durable and reliable. Cantera supplies high quality volcanic stone materials so that architects can complete multiple types of projects. Cantera’s materials are flexible enough to help with any outdoor projects.


The foundation of Cantera Volcanic comes from the ancient Mayan Civilizations. Multiple stones were used throughout Mexico and Central America. The stones were used to build monuments, temples, and roads. The Aztecs also use cantera and volcanic stone to build pyramids. Many of these Ancient projects are still standing today. Spanish conquistadors used the stone to create churches.

Featured Products

Cantera Volcanic LLC produces durable stone tiles that also have beautiful colors. They also produce floor tiles that are compatible with multiple climates. The natural texture helps prevent injuries. Cantera makes tiles that are low maintenance.

Stone Moldings

Stone moldings are an asset to various types of projects. They are flexible and available in both soft and dark colors. The moldings help illuminate both interior and exterior projects.

Stone Wall Tile

Cantera creates natural volcanic stone tile that is compatible with both commercial and residential projects. The tile has assisted different architects and construction companies as they brainstorm projects. Cantera looks at several different regions in order to find the best stone products possible. Cantera creates custom stone and tiles based on their customer’s individual needs.

Stone Columns

Stone columns bring elegance to different residential and commercial projects. Cantera offers multiple options to interior designers and contractors to help them create appealing projects. The store columns are available in several sizes. Cantera also creates custom designs based on the individual needs of their customers.

Featured Projects

Pool Deck Stone Tiles

Common pool building material may erode over time. As pools are significant investments, people are looking for durable materials that are also appealing. Pool deck stone tiles are able to withstand years of punishment. The stone tiles are slip-resistant, which is perfect for an outdoor pool. The pavers are also strong enough to deal with high traffic on a daily basis. The stone tiles also include heat-accumulation capabilities that ensure a solid year round temperature by the pool.

Gazebos Natural Stone

Gazebos have the ability to enhance a pool deck area. They help increase the value of your hot tub. Once they are tied to an existing structure, the gazebos provide endless possibilities of fun. Cantera will also create store columns to help facilitate the use of electric lines. Cantera works with different designers and builders to create custom sizes based on the needs of the project.

Wall Stone Cap

Wall stone caps are a symbol of classic times. They are primarily seen at museums, mansions, and courthouses. The wall stone caps are available in multiple colors.

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