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Considerations when Choosing the Best Outdoor Tiles

Tiling is the best option for your outdoor areas. Whether it is at the patio or pool areas, the wide variety of sizes, textures, and colors can allow you to design a flawless outdoor living space. In this context, there are several ideas that you need to consider when selecting tiles that can meet the demands of your outdoor area. If you follow the guide provided by Cantera Volcanic LLC, you can easily choose superb outdoor tile.

Water absorption rate

Even though you might not plan to tile the area around your pool, the outdoor tiles would provide a lower absorption rate. Arguably, the lower water absorption rate means that your tiles will have a limited susceptibility to cracks and stains.


You need to ensure that the tiles you choose can withstand the demands of your local climate. For instance, if you live in an area with a colder temperature, you can get in touch with Cantera Volcanic LLC so that they can provide you with tiles that can withstand the temperatures. However, if you live in a warmer area, then almost all the tiles can suit your needs.


Outdoor tiles especially the unglazed ones will require finishing by using a high-quality sealant. Such a finishing layer will assist in preventing staining and ensuring that your tiles will always have the best look. One of the best options for outdoor tiling provided by Cantera Volcanic LLC includes the unglazed ceramic tiles. Such kinds of tiles are durable such that they can withstand the outdoor environment and they will remain stain-resistant. At Cantera Volcanic LLC, you can find ceramic tiles of various sizes, styles, and colors to complete your outdoor areas. Moreover, ceramic tiles are the best choice for your swimming pool because of their smoothness, affordability, and contemporary style.


The outdoor areas have a high susceptibility to wet conditions, an idea that increases the risk of slip and fall. Therefore, you need to choose non-slip outdoor tiles for you, your guests, and your family to remain safe regardless of the weather conditions. At Cantera Volcanic LLC, you can get natural non-slip texture tiles ensuring that you do not have issues in designing a non-slip tile poor area. Therefore, you can avoid accidents by installing such high-quality outdoor stone tiles that have natural volcanic stone texture. Moreover, the tiles have a high coefficient of friction implying that you will have ease of motion when you step on them without slipping or sliding.

Outdoor tiles are tough and can handle most of the elements that step them up including weather elements, kids running around, pets, and dropped dishes. Therefore, you should ensure that you select the best tiles for your project to create a sophisticated outdoor look and provide a strong grip.

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Non-slip outdoor flooring tiles

non-slip outdoor tiles


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