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Patio Stone Tiles

Durable and Attractive Exterior Tiles in Miami Dade

Backyard tiles are typically a large investment and should be made with quality materials that last for years and require little maintenance. Patio stone tiles are effective, attractive, very strong, and resist mildew. It makes good sense to consider this material when you are renovating or looking for quality exterior tiles in Miami Dade. 


Cantera Volcanic offers a wide range of stone building materials for backyard construction, from patio stone tiles and exterior tile. Our patio stone tiles are a premium material that exhibits non-porous qualities and extreme durability. Our certified slip resistant stone tiles, pool deck pavers, and backyard tiles, meets the demands of high traffic recreational activities in and around your pool. Concrete, plaster, vinyl and other aggregate materials that are commonly found in pool construction simply do not have the strength over time that volcanic stone tiles do. Especially in a high traffic area like an outdoor pool or deck.

At Cantera Volcanic LLC we have been working for years with contractors, builders, architects, and homeowners to provide the highest quality volcanic stone building materials. We work hard to provide great customer service and as a direct factory supplier of the best volcanic pool stone decking, stone building materials, tile flooring, and the best patio stone tiles, we have helped many builders and homeowners complete a multitude of construction projects. Your satisfaction is important to us and we want to build trust with you because our customers make our business successful. Call us or send an email with your questions and requests to start on the process right away.

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