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Driveway Tile

Long-Lasting Driveway Tile Made From Volcanic Stone

Traditional types of driveway construction use concrete as a base material, which is a good choice for several reasons. It's fairly inexpensive and gives a solid foundation that can last for a long amount of time. However, concrete alone can break down and is also susceptible to mildew, making it necessary to maintain more frequently. Concrete can be aesthetically unappealing as well. It will eventually need to be repaired when it breaks down. When using volcanic stone driveway tile, your driveway becomes much more durable and attractive. Volcanic stone tiles can enhance your home or business in many ways.


Driveways are considered high impact areas which means they need to be constructed of extremely durable materials. They need to reliably hold up to the demands and impact of heavy vehicles and foot traffic. If a driveway is poorly constructed, it can breakdown much sooner than its estimated lifetime and you will have to replace it which means the stress of additional expenses. It is worthwhile to source long-lasting and high-quality decking stone tile materials when constructing your driveway. Equally important is locating builders who have many years experience when it comes to constructing driveways and working with concrete and masonry products.


Volcanic stone has been used for centuries by ancient cultures to build monuments, roads, and a variety of construction projects due to the fact that this material is incredibly strong, aesthetically appealing, and requires a low amount of maintenance. Because volcanic stone has a high silica content, it is naturally more resistant to mildew and fungal growth. This means that less time and energy will be used to keep it clean. We have searched and found excellent sources of decking stone tile and other products that can be used for a variety of applications at homes or businesses.


Cantera Volcanic LLC stocks and distributes beautiful, durable, and slip resistant outdoor driveway tile. Our passion for volcanic stone products has led us to many successful relationships with homeowners, architects, and construction companies. We source our stone products from geographic regions where the highest quality stone can be found. Our stone driveway tile and decking stone tile come in different colors that never fade, so your driveway will not only be strong, but aesthetically pleasing. Cantera Volcanic LLC offers a number of services that include pool construction and upgrades, driveway resurfacing, and outdoor flooring solutions. We have high standards and provide the highest quality stone products we can find. We would love to hear from you to discuss how we can help with your next project. Give us a call or send an email with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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