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Driveway Gray Tiles

Using Attractive Outdoor Gray Tiles, Is a Plus

Many people settle for standard traditional concrete when building periphery parts of their homes and businesses like driveways and walkways. As a base, concrete can be a good building material, but it is often lacking in aesthetic appeal with its gray and white tones. Concrete alone will break down over time especially if it is laid thinly or improperly. This will lead to repairs and maintenance. Volcanic stone tiles are low maintenance and are very durable. Lava stone can be used in conjunction with concrete foundations and pathways. When installed by professionals, volcanic stone tiles, outdoor gray tiles will last for many years and the colors will not fade either.


When using volcanic driveway tile over concrete, surfaces will become more durable and need less maintenance. There are also other benefits besides aesthetics. Volcanic stone tiles have a high COF (Coefficient of Friction). This means that the surface will be far less slippery than some other products that may be used. Since volcanic tiles have a high silica content, they are naturally more resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus. Less cleaning with chemicals will be required when volcanic stone tiles are used because of this.


Cantera Volcanic LLC distributes high-quality tile for driveway. We have been working with homeowners and businesses for years, providing the best products we can find, from driveway gray tiles to pool deck tile and more. Our stone products come from geographic regions that are known for superior quality and durability. We offer tiles and stone products in a variety of colors to make your next project perfect. There are a number of services and stone materials including driveway resurfacing, outdoor flooring solutions, driveway gray tiles, outdoor gray tiles and a wide variety of volcanic stone products. Give us a call to discuss the many options we offer for your next project.

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